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The privacy policy will depict about information how Uride riders and captains provide information and we make them use to connect with them for improving service and provide high quality every day. Uride acquires information through different modes of communication while using its mobile applications, online products and websites and they are collectively known as the “Services”.

1. Scope of the Policy

The company Uride (“Uride,” “we,” “our,” and/or “us”) considers the confidentiality of the customers, whenever they use our applications or websites for any type of service collectively known as “Uride Platform”. Our privacy policy is indicative of the fact that how we gather and share information among the Uride’s customers, riders, and captains.

2. Collection of Information

A: Information You Give

  • Registration Information: By signing up for Uride account in mobile app, your name, e-mail and contact number is shared. If someone signs up using Facebook account, then also his basic information like gender, picture, name, and friends in Facebook will be shared.
  • User Profile: The user chooses this information to be provided like name, contact number, address, methods of payment, profile picture or any other information which the customer wants to give.
  • Methods of payment: Uride maintains a secured payment method through only accepting cash or my account payment on ride services and no credit card transaction is accepted which assures the confidentiality of the customers.
  • Information about Captain Application: For joining the Captain Application of Uride, other than the basic registration, the company asks for the customer’s date of birth, address, license information, information about vehicle and the insurance papers of the car.
  • Communications: If you want to get in touch with us easily, we may get extra information from you. For instance, when you contact our Customer Support Group, we will get your name, email address, telephone number, the substance of a message or connections that you may send to us, and other information you give.
  • Payment Information: Important information given by the Captains is preserved by us so that Captains are provided with best payment facilities.

B: Information through Uride Platform

  • Collecting data about Location: Uride facilitates its customers through connecting theCaptains and Riders at real time. For this we need to know about your location. When you open your Uride app in mobile, then your location is signified. Moreover, accurate locations of your device are also acquired by us, when the app is running at the background. The information about your location is necessary for us so that we can make right riders to be connected to you by matching with the Captains and precise pick up and drop off locations can be denoted by basing over the previous trips of the riders. The information about the Captain location is necessary so that charges and insurance for the cab riders can be calculated.
  • Usage data: We involuntarily receive information about the communications set up with your Uride Platform or other pages which you view while using the app along with the date and time of visits; so that we can modify your experience of using the Platform and make certain improvements according to the demand.
  • Information about Call and Text: Our company uses a third-party channel to assist calls and messages between the Captains and Riders who are available for the ride. We also supervise or keep documentation of the contents of these messages or calls done in Uride Platform so that we can keep the confidentiality of the customers.
  • Feedback from users: Feedback from the users is always welcomed by our company as we always want to provide them the best of the services. We give chances for rating the Captains after every ride so that we can modify your response and improve our service.
  • Information gathered from Cookies and related technologies: To understand how you steer through Uride Platform as well as communicate with the Uride especial advertisements, we use cookies for gathering information and this makes us understand how the content has become popular and encourage your tastes.

C: Information Collected from Third parties

  • Third Party Services: If you select to register with a third-party service like Facebook, then we also acquire the same information as that of the basic registration service through mobile apps.
  • Information about Drivers: Uride gets the information about the driver like his records about driving, criminal background etc through using third party contacts.

3. Use of Collected Information

We use the feedback and information collected from Users for
  • Linking Riders with Drivers
  • Evaluate how Uride Community utilizes Uride Platform
  • Modify and enlarge Uride Platform through promotion
  • Connecting with the Users, directly or third-party partners for the purpose of marketing and promotion
  • Sending Users promotional push messages
  • Personalize the riding experience of yours, relatives, and friends
  • Giving you Customer Support at specific need and to prevent any type of fraud activities
  • Aiding Users with transactions and payment methods
  • React to reliability and protection issues which may evolve like auto incidents, disagreement between Riders and Drivers, any requirements from Government legislations etc
The information collected from Drivers are also used for different purposes while driving down Uride Platform: -
  • Giving emails and messages to drivers, having been started the process of driver application about the status of applications
  • Informing drivers about ride demands during pick time, pricing, and updates about service
  • Denoting the eligibility of the driver for driving cab
  • Analysing and giving the auto insurance policy of Uride and evaluate the patterns of usage for defining the safety and insurance causes

4. Sharing the collected Information

A: Sharing Among Users

  • Sharing between Riders and Drivers: Our company encourages a well communication between Riders and Drivers for arranging an on-time pick up. The contact numbers of the Users are not shared with others. In case of a lost report, we will connect with the relevant driver along with your permission of sharing your contact number. Both the Drivers and Riders will be able to see basic information about each other. By seeing the pickup location provided by the Rider the Driver approaches to the rea-time location. Moreover, the Rider shares the ratings given to the Driver immediately after the end of the journey.

B: Sharing between Uride and third Parties

  • Integration Partners and API: If a user connects with Uride Platform with a third-party interference, then all the information about your usage will be shared with the third party. This is mainly done to acquire more information of yours through third party sources and make you intimate with the offers of your interest through third party sharing of information.
  • Service Providers: We work along with third party service providers to execute services from our side. In this case, we may share information of yours with these providers to be given information about Uride Platform and other things as mentioned above.
The information is shared with third parties in following circumstances: -
  • In case of negotiating or changing of corporate power like reformation, merger or selling of assets.
  • Information is shared in case of requests from government authorities in order to comply with government protocols and legislative rules.
  • Sharing with law enforcement officers or third parties if we can find that it is necessary for protection of rights and safety of entire Uride Community.
  • In case of signing up for a promotion through using another User’s referral code, then with your referrer, the information is shared to make them know about your redemption or prerequisite of promotion.
  • Sharing with the insurance partners in case of denoting the area of coverage in case of accidents.
  • Sharing information to the business partners about the usage of Uride Platform; but in a non-identified form of hiding your information.

5. Others

  • Security of Data – Our company is highly focussed over your data security. But we cannot pledge for 100% assurance for making your data secured.
  • Protecting privacy of children – Our company is not held responsible for knowingly collecting personal information about children under 13 years. If the company finds such instances, then steps are taken for eradicating that information. Our Help Centre is always there for assisting such compliances.
  • Modification to our private policy – We make changes to our policy which is informed to you through Uride Platform by process of email or messages. Therefore it is requested for you to follow on Private Policy of ours at regular intervals and keep updated.
  • Contact Information – You are liberated to make us contact at any time and at any hour with your valuable feedback and remarks about the company’s Private Policy, the information you share with us, our services and any type of consent choices through our Help Centre.