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Terms of Service

  • The fare is not inclusive of any toll that might be charged during the journey.
  • In the occurrence of any misconduct by the party, he/she has the right to terminate the contract/ journey without issuing any refunds upon his/her discretion.
  • The customer agrees to the replacement of the hire car/taxi in case of any major mechanical problem will be substituted in case of involvement of the hire car in an accident.
  • The color requests for hiring a car is subject to availability and company does not guarantee the color to hire the car.
  • The company shall not be responsible for any damage that might arise from the situations that are out of control of the company and the inclement weather, traffic-related delays, mechanical problem, and any other unforeseen occurrence. This also exempts the driver providing transportation service from any liability in the matter.
  • The customer agreement on abiding by the maximum passenger capacity of the vehicle provided is prerequisite.
  • The company does not take responsibility for any items left in the car by passenger and are not liable for the safekeeping or return of any such item.
  • The commencement of the journey is subject to the client's agreement on the prohibition of the consumption of food or any alcoholic beverage and using or carrying of such items or any illegal drugs on a hired car. In case of any such incident, the driver has the right to terminate the contract immediately.
  • The minimum charge amount for any spillage is $100 and the maximum charge is dependent on the severity of the damage and the expenditure of returning the vehicle to its original condition.
  • The company will not take responsibility for the cases where no drivers are available for service at a specific location.


  • The fare charged for a ride is calculated on per km + time basis and this will not be inclusive of the minimum charge and the starting charge for the ride. The fare rates will be different in the different states. The customers are advised to install the passenger app and register themselves as passengers, which would display the estimated fare upon submission of a pickup and drop off address.
  • The company accepts all major credit and debit cards like VISA, MasterCard, provided that the customer paying is the owner of the said card and cash is also accepted.
  • The price for the trip is liable to change based on any change made to the reservation upon commencement of the trip.


  • All intellectual property rights concerning the content of the system used by the company and reproduction of the same without express permission are strictly prohibited. In case of any breach of the relevant trademark and copyright law, the company is liable to take legal action against any individual or group responsible for the said breach.

Disclosure of Information

  • The company does not disclose any personal information unless expressly requested by court order or the police. The occurrence of the release of information to the authorities or any request thereof will be only entertained when compelled by the law.

Warranties and Representations

  • The company does not take responsibility for the quality, currency and reliability of the information presented in the website and any sites that are linked to the company website unless it is implied by law to an extent.
  • The company does not guarantee the site is free from any malware and virus and thus the company does not take responsibility for any damage to your device. Furthermore, the company does not guarantee uninterrupted access and does not take responsibility for any delay in transferring your request.
  • The company does not take any responsibility for the use of the information presented in the site and any damage or loss arising from the use of said information to the maximum extent tolerable by relevant law.
  • The company, the information presented to the drivers, processes the booking requests for hire cars and the company does not carry out the hiring process. Therefore, the company does not guarantee the availability of a hire car or the time and vehicle specification that might affect the customer. The company only promises to try their best to accommodate any requests regarding vehicle specification and timely service presented by a customer.
  • The company conducts a background check on every driver registered with the company that includes full police and criminal history check. All of the drivers are professionals with experience in hire car and taxi service industry. Any criminal activity conducted by any person or person connected to the company does not represent the company. The company takes no warranty and responsibility for any such occurrence of any aggressive violent or criminal offence. The passengers are advised to contact police emergency line immediately in case they believe their safety is being threatened. Any driver found in violation of the driver code of conduct in such cases will be removed from the system without any further notice.
  • The company does not take responsibility for any site accessed or linked through from this site. The company further declares no endorsement or sponsorship for any links provided and thus denies any responsibility for the content and usage of any such information or content offered on such sites.
  • Sponsors provide the links to other websites and advertisements provided on the site and the company does not take responsibility for the content or privacy policies of such websites. The customers are requested to read the privacy policy of the sites as the company privacy policy and practices do not extend to the sponsors.

Cancellation Policy

  • No cancellation fees are charged if the ride is cancelled before mentioning the time in the rate chart section and in case of any cancellation before the time mentioned a minimal amount is charged as cancellation fee. This is the case for the customers with a legitimate reason for cancellation and if it is found out that, the customer was taking advantage of the system and cancelling rides for no reason, the company reserves the right to block access to the system from that particular ID and impose a penalty.
  • The customer is free to dispute any customer satisfaction issue within 24 hours of availing the services of the company to the customer relations department. The company will carry out an investigation on that specific ride. The dispute claims can be regarding, fair, quality of service or driver conduct.
  • The customer is requested to pay for the trip at the time to avid and fare evasion charges but the company guarantees that driver would not be paid for the trip until the resolution of the claim. Upon completion of the investigation, the dispute settlement will be carried out with mutual understanding.
  • In case of any claim of overcharged fare, the customer is requested to pay the amount at the completion of the ride while making the claim. If the claim is proven true, the company will reimburse the customer by refunding the extra amount within five working days.
  • As per the regulation of the banks of the region, the amount would be refunded back to only the card that was used for the payment and any request for changing the refund account would not be entertained. The company reserves the right to follow local law enforcement policy is the refund account is found out to be fraudulent or stolen and follow the policy set by the relevant law enforcement and bank regarding such matters. The company is also free to disclose customer information to the law enforcement is requested.
  • If the charged fare were found to be accurate in the initial investigation the customer still wants to dispute the matter, the company would send an invitation to discuss the matter with level 2 of customer support in customer relations.
  • The privacy policy of the company is applied to the people who use the company’s app or website to avail the services anywhere in the world and the company only allows the customers to be included in the policy. The drives, partner companies and any other persons using the company license are excluded from the privacy policy. In case a passenger is also registered as a driver then the application of the policy would list him/her as such. This policy is an explanation of the company policy for handling the 6 | Page information provided by a customer to the company in the registration process or any enquiry and is consistent with the regulations in the national privacy principles.

System security

  • As the customers often use a credit card for the payment the company ensures the customer’s credit information security with the highest level of security. The company payment authorization system and all interfaces used by any client along with the servers are protected 128bit SSL encryption and are monitored a 24*7.

Information Collection Policy

  • The company only collects the information that is provided to the company as per the customer agreement at times of using the website or app. The information is limited to name, email address, contact number, address along with profile picture and payment method.
  • The company’s information collection policy is disclosed at the time of the use of the website or app and the company takes responsibility of the collection, security, use, quality and disclosures as per the relevant government directives or privacy acct of the region.
  • The company collects the GPS location information from the device used to access the system for booking a ride.
  • The company stores customer names and contact details on the company website.
  • The company stores the payment information and other information regarding the journey.
  • The company collects the device information, which includes the make, model, Operating System, mobile network information and device identification number.
  • A log is kept for every customer interaction at the company database.

Information Sharing Policy

  • The collected information is used for the improvement and maintenance of the services and customer satisfaction level.
  • Fraud prevention and abuse of service is another purpose of the information collection.
  • Facilitation of the communication between the customer and the driver and service personalization is also carried out through collected information.
  • The information is shared with the drivers, third parties for the purpose of the provision of a service, and with the general public through social media or blog, with the employer or similar entity.
  • The relevant privacy law of the location country or state and the legal authorities for security purposes define the extent all of these process.

Cookie Usage Policy

  • The company website uses cookies for the purpose of the improvement of the user experience and the individually assigned cookies are only readable by the local server that assigned the cookie. The cookies help identify a restoring visitor to the system and helps the recalling of the relevant customer preference information that has been stored. This is done for the convenience purpose of the information so that process of using the service can be simplified for returning customers. This helps the customer to save personalization features over time in the system.

Protection of Personal Information

  • The company protects the customer information from unauthorized access disclosure or use. This is done using encryption of the company servers which are protected by the SSL (secure socket layer) which doubles the security and protects the information from being exposed while being transmitted to other websites.
  • The company stores the personal information with the highest level of security and at no time discloses the information to any third party. All payment information is protected through 128 bit SSL encryption that makes the card payments more secure.

Update of Personal Information

  • The customer information can be updated using either the app or by logging into the customer account on the company website. The customer is also free to use any form of communication to inform the company to notify of any change in the personal information. The customers are also free to update their information or stop receiving communication from the company at any time. The member section of the URIDE is dedicated to this purpose and members are free to log in and change their information at any time.

Changes to Privacy Policy

  • The company retains the rights to make any change to the policy and update them and the company while promising to try to inform the customers and stakeholders does not ensure the fact or take any responsibility for failure to inform any customer of any changes. The terms and conditions are clarified before the customer agrees to make any trip or reservation via withering app or website.

Contact information for compliance department

  • Any customer or potential customers who want to know more about the operations of the company and the service specifications are free to contact the company. This is also applicable for the feedback of the customers, which makes the service improvement possible. The company entertains both e-mails and feedback form.
  • The customers are free to contact the company executives through the following channels
  • e-mail: support@uride.pk
  • phone: 11-11-URIDE